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Together, through our national network and events, we focus on safe, sustainable housing for women coast to coast to coast. Through dialogue, research, events and lived experience, we promote security of housing and safe communities for all women in Canada.

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The relationship between violence and homelessness
This article provides a powerful analysis of the relationship between womens' experiences of violence and the challenge to find and maintain home: Violence and Access to Safe Housing
Framework for Ending Women's and Girls' Homelessness
Are you looking for a systems level approach to ending homelessness for women and girls? Have a look at this Framework available on the Homeless Hub: Framework for Ending Women's and Girls' Homelessness
Support our sisters to go to CAEH 2016!
AOS is partnering with CAEH for their 2016 national conference on homelessness. We want to make sure as many of our sisters as possible can be sponsored to attend the conference. Therefore, please consider contributing at our go fund me .

May 9-11, 2011 there will be a National Conference in London, Ontario regarding women and homelessness.

This would be the first conference of this nature in Canada. The idea is to provide a space where we can look at the current situation of women who are homeless and devise strategies to improve the situation locally and through national networks.

In order to ensure that we are addressing the right issues, it is essential to obtain the input of the women who are homeless or home insecure as we work within a community-lead strategy.

We would like to get your input but hope that you will share the word about the conference to your community. Please forward this survey to other individuals and groups that you feel are appropriate, especially any homeless coalitions that you know.